whoisafraid Who is afraid of Howie?    

a story by Amélie Galé; illustrated by Jack Tow


Howie, a little wolf cub, wants to play! But his “chosen” playmates, the animals who live on a farm, don’t share his enthusiasm: they find him quite scary.


Piglets, rabbits, chicks, all run away when he attempts to befriend them. Howie is puzzled, what is wrong with him? Maybe his big ears? Or perhaps his breath?


When the disappointed Howie yawns, showing involuntarily his big teeth, one of the little chicks is so startled that he falls in a stream. Howie jumps to the rescue and risking his life in the increasingly fast river he saves the little chick. And in doing so he wins the acceptance of all the farm animals that recognise his good intentions and his desire to become friend with them.


Jack Tow



Pages: 40

Sizes: 19 x 28 cm

Price: $ 16.99; £ 10.99

ISBN: 978-88-97737-22-3