Lookabook Look, a book!    

a story by Libby Gleeson;

illustrated by Freya Blackwood (US only)


Two children stumble across a red book lying on the ground. When they start turning the pages their dusty world begins to change: everyday objects become magical, the dreary landscape turns in a fantastical setting.

Freya Blackwood’s lyrical watercolors show how the magic of reading can transform reality: you can ride a chicken, float in a teacup, get lost in a forest of light poles and travel on an empty plastic bottle turned into zeppelin… And at the end of the wonderful voyage a underpriviliged community is united by the act of communal reading.



Freya Blackwood



Pages: 32

Sizes: 21 x 24 cm

Price: 16,99 $

ISBN: 978-88-89854-89-1