Johanna All Aboard with Johanna!    

a story written and illustrated by Kathrin Schärer


All Aboard with Johanna starts off inviting young readers into the world of creating books by showing a black and white sketch of the artist’s work table as she faces the blank page.

The reader can follow the interaction between the fictional character, the little pig Johanna, and the artist.


A train and its passengers are the setting for this beautifully illustrated narrative. As the story unfolds, Johanna has many requests to make to her creator: from her clothing,  that she wants in stripes, to catching up with another train to see who is inside it.


Johanna is finally content, after many unexpected twists of the story – the author even teases her drawing a big bad wolf and a huge monster! –, when she gets the right companion for the rest of trip.


Kathrin Shärer



Pages: 34

Sizes: 29.3 x 23.8 cm

Price: $ 16.99; £ 10.99

ISBN: 978-88-97737-09-4