ladylily A surprise for Lady Lily    

a story written and illustrated by Andrea Alemanno

Sir Frog and his fiancée, Lady Lily live happily in an enchanted pond.

For her birthday, Sir Frog wants to impress her with a very special present! Not far away, a princess with magical powers with a single kiss can transform a frog in an handsome prince. And so she does.

At first, Lady Lily is quite amused by the incredible surprise, but life in the pond can be hard if you beloved has no longer a sticky tongue to capture flies and a lily pad cannot hold his weight…

Will they be able to adjust? A classic tale of love to express a universal message: to love and be loved you have to be true to yourself.


Andrea Alemanno



Pages: 40

Sizes: 24,5 x 24,5 cm

Price: £ 11,99; $ 16,99

ISBN: 978-88-97737-30-8